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Textile Industry – Surat

In Surat, there are around 50,000 embroidery machine units and around 1,00,000 embroidery skilled workers are working in shifts. The overall ready fabric industry in India is worth Rs 300 billion, while exports contribute about Rs8 billion and embroidery forms a major part of the ready fabric industry. Earlier, the traders used to export embroidered fabrics to countries like the UAE, USA and Great Britain. Observing this huge potential, enterprises in Surat imported embroidery machines from China worth Rs 0.4 million to Rs10 million. The Union Textile Ministry had targeted 20 percent growth in the current fiscal and Embroidery industry that depends on the textiles, is hoping for speedy survival. Surat has built a formidable reputation for itself for having the largest base of embroidery machines in the country. The textile industry of Surat, which has traditionally been famous for its sarees, dress material, accessories etc has started diversifying into the embroidery sector. The arrival of computerized or automatic machines has given a push to the embroidery sector, attracting many businessmen towards it.

“Earlier, the embroidery work was done manually on hand-operated machines. The computerized machines have resulted in faster and thus higher production. The embroidery work done using these machines is far better in quality, as compared to that done manually, which is the primary reason many weavers are getting attracted to it.

“Embroidery was always a prominent part of Surat’s textile industry, but it was probably not too well-known. The textile businessmen have now started realizing the demand for embroidered cloth, and the large growth avenue it offers, which has prompted them to start acquiring the computerized machines.

In view of this, the businessmen have been content with manufacturing embroidered cloth that caters to these segments. This is fine at present, but it could lead to a certain amount of saturation in the coming years,” he said.

“To avoid such a situation, along with the sarees and dress material, the textile industry has also started concentrating on curtains, bedsheets, furnishings, night wear, and kids wear, which too have a huge demand for embroidered cloth.


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