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Mr. Pravin Daruka is an astute businessman with more than decades of experience in the footwear and textile business and has a sharp focus on content acquisition. In 1986 with a Commerce graduation degree from Lakhotia College, Chennai University, he started his career by setting up tea, textile and cooker manufacturing unit which he loosed after the family separation. After that, he moved to Surat where he joined Condor Footwear India Ltd and gained a vide experience of footwear knowledge. To encash the experience and grow the sectors, he along with other partners have started with the company.


Mr. Ran Singh Dagur is another stalwart in the footwear business with more than a decades of experience and a keen focus on content marketing and sales. He started his career in Pearl Global India Limited, Gurgaon and later joined Condor Footwear (India) Ltd. after getting Diploma in Footwear and leather goods technology and completing his Bachelor in Science from B.S.A College, Mathura. The focus was always on creation of quality stuff for the markets by way of a focused marketing strategy, a very successful idea.



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